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URGENT NOTICE (Tuition Fees Payment Extended Date: 20 July, 2020)

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Urgent Notice

(Tuition Fees Payment Extended Date: 20 July, 2020)

This is to inform all the students of Dhaka International University that their tuition fees payment date has been extended to 20 July 2020 for the May-August 2020 semester. They can collect information about their tuition fees from the accounts officers of their own campuses. It needs to be mentioned that everything else will remain the same.

1.Respected teachers are directed to continue full swing online classes positively as per class routine. The Head of the departments must keep daily class records and send it to the Registrar every week regularly.

2.Each teacher must provide teaching materials of each course such as lecture sheets, PPT slides, necessary books, journals, recorded videos, etc. to the students of the respective batch before commencement of the class. In addition, each teacher must record his class lecture and provide it to the concerned students. If any teacher does not provide teaching materials on time, students can inform it to the Head of the department for necessary action.

3.One set of teaching materials of each course must be submitted by the course teacher to the Head of the department for official record. In addition, each department will preserve all exam related documents. Departmental Head will provide it as soon as the authorities ask for it.

4.If any book or lecture material or any lab instrument needs to be pdf or downloaded, course teacher/students must contact the technical committee of the respective campus and collect it from them. Library and IT officials are always ready to provide support to the teachers/students. IN case of any urgency , please contact Mr. Md. Nasimuzzaman Khan, Assistant Professor and Supervisor of Technical Committee, email: nzkhan2111@gmail.com, Mobile: + 8801822830080.

Technical Committee:

Green Road Campus (Dept. of CSE, EETE and Business Administration):

1) Sofir Uddin Mridha, Deputy Librarian email: mridhadiu66@gmail.com Mobile: 01914826640
(2) Md. Enamul Haque, Deputy Registrar, Business Dept. email:enamul_diu28@yahoo.com, Mobile: +8801912669764
(3) Md. Imran Hossain Khan, Lab Supervisor, CSE Dept.,email: imran.ekush@gmail.com, Mobile: 01684717384
(4) Mithun Kumar Sarker, Lab Supervisor, EETE Dept, email:mithun.eee96@gmail.com, Mobile: 01710429549

Satarkul Campus (Dept of Civil, Pharmacy, English and Sociology):

(1) Rajia Sultana Arnika, Section Officer, email:Sultana.diu@gmail.com, Mobile: 01714620560
(2) Mominul Islam Bashunia, Program Officer, Pharmacy Dept, email: momin.7980@gmail.com , Mobile: 01557027415
(3) Md. Imran Hossain Khan, Lab Supervisor, Civil Engn Dept, email:emrankhanuits@gmail.com, Mobile:8801876308217
(4) S. M. Moshiur Hassan, Lab Supervisor, Civil Engn Dept, email: bappy5.bd@gmail.com Mobile: 01736378514

Banani Campus (Dept of Law and Business Administration):

(1) Md. Ismail Hossain, Joint Librarian, email:ismaildiu@yahoo.com, Mobile: 01721868290
(2) Md. Ashiqur Rahman, Program Officer, Dept of Law, email:asiqur99@gmail.com, Mobile: 01550006552
(3) Sayed Monir Hossain, Deputy Registrar, Dept of Business Administration, email: smonir300@gmail.com, Mobile: 01925694215
(4) Md. Humayun Ahmed, Deputy Registrar, email: sbfoundation16@gmail.com, Mobile: 01916413522

(5) Student service page is opened on Facebook. There students will get answers to their quarries within 24 – 48 hours.

(6) If students have any difficulty in understanding any theoretical or practical subject, they can discuss it with the course teacher at any time. Even, if required, review classes of that course will be conducted on campus without any additional fees after the corona crisis.

7.Each department must complete the ongoing improvement exams before the midterm of May – August 2020 semester.The relevant course teacher must submit improvement exam marks to the Head of the department. The Head of the department will make a file containing everyone’s given marks and send it to the office of the Controller of examinations.

8.Each department must complete the mid-term exams for the May-August 2020 semester by June 2020. The students are requested to pay their outstanding fees till January-April 2020 semester before the midterm exam.

9.The authorities deeply realize that the students have suffered a lot socially and financially due to corona crisis. In this case, considering the humanitarian aspect, the authorities have decided to give 20% waiver on the tuition fees for the semester of May-August 2020 for trimester undergraduate students. However, in order to avail this waiver facility, the students must pay all their outstanding fees till May-August 2020 semester.

It is noted that the authorities have also decided to give 20% waiver on the tuition fees for the July-December 2020 semester for the students of bi-semester undergraduate and master’s program so that they will not deprive of this waiver facility.

10. If any undergraduate trimester student pays the tuition fees for the remaining semesters in advance, he will get 20% waiver on the tuition fees for the semester of May-August 2020 and 10% waiver on the remaining fees (paid amount of money).

In addition, if any undergraduate and master’s bi-semester student pays the tuition fees for the remaining semesters in advance, he will get 20% waiver on the tuition fees for the semester of July-December 2020 and 10% waiver on the remaining fees (paid amount of money)

The students can deposit their fees to the online bank accounts of the university {(Exim Bank Limited A/c # 07511100038412, 06113100002042, 00211100271769), (Mercantile Bank Limited A/c # 114013119503633)}, Bkash (Merchant # 01302690340), Nagad (Merchant # 01302690340) and Rocket (Bill ID: 2944) (payment manual at www.blog.diu.ac/). In this regard, to send money through Bkash or Nagad, the university authority will bear the expenses of commission. Students must mention the last 06 (six) digit of their registration number as reference.

After depositing fees through Bank, Online or Mobile Banking, the students must inform their respective accounts officers through message by writing name, amount of deposited money, department, batch, semester and last 06 (six) digit of registration number along with the receipt or document. The student must preserve payment receipt or document in their custody. Even the students can deposit fees at the accounts section of the university. Accounts officers of the three campuses are available from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm round the week.

The following accounts officers:

Green Road Campus: Md. Nazmul Hossain, Mobile: 01714550816, Md. Al-Amin, Mobile: 01914219070
Banani Campus: Md. Abdur Rahim Mia, Mobile: 01600201660, 01716839468
Satarkul Campus: Md. Mominul Islam, Mobile: 01734709285

Thanks and regards.
Prof. Md. Rofiqul Islam
Dhaka International University – DIU