The following Institutions are operated by Dhaka International University.
  • Technical & Vocational Education Institute.
  • Dr.M.I. Patwari Technical & Vocational Education Institute.
  • Dr.Z.I. Chowdhury Agricultural Research & Training Institute.
  • Dr.M.I. Patwari Private Engineering Institute.
  • Sundarganj Driving Training Institute.

(The above Institutions are affiliated with BTEB. )

Please contact for any information : Cell Number: 01716009594.

  • To lead educational activities under the supervision of nationally and internationally recognized faculty members on every subject with a view to maintaining standard university education.
  • To appoint visiting professors and part-time teachers from among the famous scholars of home and abroad.
  • To invite guest speakers from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Japan, UK, USA etc. with a view to introducing the reputed teaching scholars to the related subjects of the modern world and to promote this university to the global village of world ranking education.
  • (1) The preliminary English Course and the Advanced English Course are compulsory for every student; (2) Computer education is also compulsory for every student; (3) To arrange study tours in home and abroad every year.
  • To assess every teacher teaching in the related field at every session.
  • To run sessions according to the academic calendar.
  • The regularity of the teachers in taking classes, tutorials and term exams is strictly monitored and ensured.
  • To take appropriate exemplary punishment (removal or rustication) if any student, teacher, officer or any job holder is involved in direct politics, misconduct or breaking rules and regulations.
  • To manage internship/training for final-year students in different commercial, financial and industrial institutions.