Dhaka International university


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As per Government order, it is hereby notified for all teachers, students and officials of Dhaka International University that the closure of the University has been extended till April 14, 2020.
However, respected teachers are requested to continuously carry out all the motivational activities including taking online review classes, delivering lecture materials, etc.
Students can submit their tuition fees at any branch of EXIM Bank through online banking or bank transfer. Noted that when depositing tuition fees, students need to mention the last six digits of their registration number.
Furthermore, revised semester final exams schedule will be notified to the students in right time.
Accounts offices will be opened on 15 April,2020 for tax and salary related works. All Accounts officials must attend office on 15.04.2020 morning without failure.
Please stay at home and practice the highest precaution to combat coronavirus.
Prof. Md. Rofiqul Islam
Dhaka International University