Studying in Sociology at DIU

Sociology, though a relatively new discipline, today occupies the central position among the Social Sciences. It is indeed widely considered as the Social Science per excellence. Proper study of Sociology is therefore a demand of our time. In preparing the four-year BSS Honours program, efforts have been made not only to highlight the concepts, methodology and theories of the discipline in its current form but also to focus on the special needs of our own. Provision has been made for empirical and field study as well. The program also seeks to explore the frontiers between sociology and other social sciences such as social history, political science, social philosophy, social psychology and, last but not the least, social anthropology which is closely akin to sociology. The purpose is to broaden the horizon of young learners so that they are in a position to understand and appreciate the scope of the discipline as well as the changing human society in a better way.

Extra Curricular:
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