Vision: Our vision is to create leaders of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Mission: The mission is to build up professional experts on drugs to meet the demands of the age in the field of pharmacy.

Objectives: To impart scientific knowledge for the identification, formulation, preparation, standardization, quality control and uses of drugs and medicines and effective management of their distribution & sale. - To produce skilled manpower to manage the affairs of hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, drug quality control organizations, drug research, marketing, sales & administration. - To encourage research on indigenous medicinal plants and traditional medicine, and development of drugs from them.

Curriculum: The syllabus of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) is approved by UGC and Bangladesh Pharmacy Council.

Duration the Course: Courses arc to be completed in 8 semesters within 4 years starting in January or July. Total credit will be 160. The winter semester will start in January and summer semester will start in July. Duration of each semester will be 6 months including recess before examination and time of semester final examination.

Thesis / Project Topics:
  • Investigation of cytotoxic activity of CoriandrumSativum seed extract using brine shrimp model.
  • Investigation of analgesic activity, Phytochemical Screening and Moisture Content test of SolanumSisymbriifolium extract using Swiss albino mice model.
  • 3. Investigation of cytotoxic activity of silver nanoparticles combined with CentellaAsiatica extract using Swiss albino mice model.
  • A study on obesity among adult people in Dhaka city.
  • Study on quality evaluation of marketed Clarithromycin tablets available in Bangladesh.
  • A review article on Antibiotic residues in dairy products.
  • A study on quality evaluation of marketed Metronidazole tablets available in Bangladesh.
  • Study on quality evaluation of marketed Ciprofloxacin tablets available in Bangladesh.
  • Identification and assay of Ciprofloxacin HClusp.
  • A study on quality analysis of marketed Paracetamol tablets in Bangladesh..
  • A study on Patient’s Behavior on prescribed drug and drug disposal in rural area of Bangladesh.
  • Enhancement of Carvedilol’’s Solubility by solid dispersion technique.
  • A review article on Enhancement of Pharmacokinetic property of Albendazole by solid dispersions.
  • A review article on purple cone flower (EchinacePurpurea).
  • A survey on diabetes and its treatment in different hospital in Dhaka city.
  • Investigation of analgesic activity of silver nanoparticles combined with CariandumSativumextract using Swiss albino mice model.
  • A survey on skin diseases and their treatment which are prescribed in different hospitals in Comilla city.
  • Antimalarial drug practice in travelers of hill tract regions in Bangladesh.
  • Investigation of antioxidant potential analgesic and cytotoxic activities and phytochemical analysis of Licualagrandis (Family: Arecaceae) leaf extract.
  • Pharmaceutical quality assurance of Cefixime tablet by infra-red spectroscopy.
  • Antioxidant, Analgesic, Antidiarrheal and Cytotoxic activities of Bougainvillea Glabra (Family Nyctaginaceae) Bark
  • Investigation association of some selected risk factors in relation to different cancer types among Bangladesh population.
  • Trend of antidiabetic drug usage in Bangladesh population of Dhaka city.
  • Prevalence of hypertension and antihypertensive drug in Dhaka city.
  • Assay of marketed vitamin C tablets by Iodometric titration method.