Studying in English at DIU

Learning English has become a craze for Bangladeshi students and achieved universality because of its uniqueness and appeal in the field of jobs. To learn a language is to win a nation. The English language is a vast arena having global acceptance at present and in the days to come owing to its universal indispensableness lying in every sector as well as its potentiality to meet the requirements of the new millennium. In fact, we notice a gradual change in content and methodology in the field of teaching English. The Department of English in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a pioneer which possesses this strength in Bangladesh. The Department of English at Dhaka International University has undertaken to enable human resources to contribute globally in social services where communication in English plays a seminal role in knowing and communicating with each other. Our goal is to educate students who will ethically and competently serve not only in public office but also in their respective professions. We believe our students will be able to adapt and make an effective contribution in this era of global communication.

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