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Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (EETE) education today has entered a transitional phase. EETE curricula around the globe are increasing specialization. On the other hand, diversity of EETE education is also increasingly underscoring its multi-disciplinary nature. Over the last decade, the traditional role played by an electrical and electronics engineer has changed quite significantly. Today's employers require electrical, electronics and telecommunication engineers with excellent communication skills along with awareness about environmental and safety issues. There are huge demand for electrical, electronics and telecommunication profession but the supply of technical competent professionals in Bangladesh is not meeting the demand. The B.Sc. degree program in Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Dhaka International University (DIU) is aimed to produce graduates to meet that demand. Increasing the ethical and moral standards of the engineers is also getting higher priority in the industry and communication technology sector.

  • Arduino Based Underground Cable Fault Detection
  • Frequency Conversion by Cyclo-Converter.
  • Designing a 16-bit ALU.
  • Design and Implementation of Single Phase to Three Phase Power Converter.
  • Underground cable fault detection using Arduino.
  • Three Phase fault detection with Auto Reset for temporary fault and trip for permanent fault.
  • Design a Pulse Width Modulation based Single pin to seven segment display decoder IC
  • Design A Light Meter for Digital Photographer/ Videographer at a Fraction of Cost.
  • Arduino Based Solar Tracker System.
  • Study on Cyber Security Attack on The Smart Grid.
  • Generating Electricity Using Piezoelectric Material
  • Candy Color Sorter Machine.