Pharmacy Department
Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) Programme is to build up professional experts on drugs to meet the demands of the age in the field of pharmacy. The principal objectives set to reach this aim are:

  • To impart scientific knowledge for the identification, formulation, preparation, standardization, quality control and uses of drugs and medicines and effective management of their distribution & sale.
  • To produce skilled manpower to manage the affairs of hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, drug quality control organizations, drug research, marketing, sales & administration.
  • To encourage research on indigenous medicinal plants and traditional medicine, and development of drugs from them.
    Thesis / Project Topics:
    • Investigation of physical parameters of different brands of Salbutamol BP 4 mg tablet (as sulphate).
    • Assay of different brands of marketed Aspirin tablets in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Assay of marketed vitamin C tablets by Iodometric titration Method.
    • Trend of Ant diabetic drug usage in Bangladeshi population of Kishoregonj District.
    • A study on quality analysis of marketed Paracetamol tablets in Bangladesh.
    • Identification and assay of Ciprofloxacin HCl USP.
    • Evaluation of anthelmintic activity of silver-extract nanoparticles synthesized from the combination of silver nanoparticles and Curcuma longa rhizome extract.
    • Investigation of cytotoxic activity of Curcuma longa rhizomeethanolic extract using brine shrimp model.
    • Investigation of analgesic activity of silver nanoparticles combined with Curcuma longa extract using Swiss albino mice model.
    • A review article on Antibiotic Residues in Dairy Product.
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    Trusty Members

    The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Dhaka International University. The board is responsible for DIU’s long term health, overseeing and aligning its strategic direction, educational policy, finances and operations with the mission of the university. The present board of trustee is consisted of Dr. A.B.M Mafizul Islam Patwari (Founder), Dr. S. Quadir Patwari (Chairman), Battister Shameem Haider Patwari (Vice-Chairman) and Professor Dr. K.M. Mohsin (Vice Chancellor).