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Department Of EETE

To produce competent professionals who will be leaders in technology, industry and research at national and international levels.

The mission of the department is to teach and prepare educated, articulated and skilled engineers for leadership, professional careers and advanced studies in the field of electrical, electronics and telecommunication

  • To provide a strong educational background that prepares them to be a successful professional in the industry, government, and academic career.
  • To facilitate the students to become engineers who will be engaged in learning, understanding and applying new ideas and technologies.
  • To develop sufficient knowledge so that the students conduct experiments in the field as well as analyze and interpret the resulting data.
  • To prepare the students to become professional in effective communication, professional ethics, course of professional practices, teamwork and leadership skill.
  • To provide extensive knowledge to pursue an advanced degree in related engineering and professional fields.
  • To provide graduates opportunities for becoming successful entrepreneurs and managers.
  • To engage students with various project works to make them capable of solving real life problems.
    • Arduino Based Underground Cable Fault Detection
    • Frequency Conversion by Cyclo-Converter.
    • Designing a 16-bit ALU.
    • Design and Implementation of Single Phase to Three Phase Power Converter.
    • Underground cable fault detection using Arduino.
    • Three Phase fault detection with Auto Reset for temporary fault and trip for permanent fault.
    • Design a Pulse Width Modulation based Single pin to seven segment display decoder IC
    • Design A Light Meter for Digital Photographer/ Videographer at a Fraction of Cost.
    • Arduino Based Solar Tracker System.
    • Study on Cyber Security Attack on The Smart Grid.
    • Generating Electricity Using Piezoelectric Material
    • Candy Color Sorter Machine.
    • Professor Dr. K. M. Mohsin

      (Ex-Professor, DU)

    • Dr. S. Quadir Patwari
      Chairman (BOT),DIU

      Amidst many saying and slogans, I would like to say "Knowledge is Power" and it is always powered by Dhaka International University, which is persuing it for la

    • Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary
      Vice-Chairman (BOT),DIU

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    • Dr. A.B.M. Mafizul Islam Patwari

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    Trustee Members

    The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Dhaka International University. The board is responsible for DIU’s long term health, overseeing and aligning its strategic direction, educational policy, finances and operations with the mission of the university. The present board of trustee is consisted of Dr. A.B.M Mafizul Islam Patwari (Founder), Dr. S. Quadir Patwari (Chairman), Battister Shameem Haider Patwari (Vice-Chairman) and Professor Dr. K.M. Mohsin (Vice Chancellor).